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AB Entertainment(爱笔娱乐经纪) 作为一家在线漫画企划公司,主要致力于漫画作家的挖掘、培育及管理,在线漫画的自主创作及版权代理,以及相关影视作品的制作和出口事业.

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AB Entertainment (爱笔娱乐经纪)为所属的画家们提供最优的工作环境和基础设施,以期帮助画家们实现各自的漫画梦想.

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About Us

AB Entertainment(爱笔娱乐经纪) 作为一家在线漫画企划公司,主要致力于漫画作家的挖掘、培育及管理,



Our Artists

AB Entertainment (爱笔娱乐经纪)为所属的画家们提供最优的工作环境和基础设施,


[Money Today News Article] Anibugs, develops into ab Group! “Animation Academy, now a Webtoon Entertainment Company”

In the past, cartoons were viewed as inappropriate material that belonged in the corner stands or liquor stores. A “Cartoon Room” was viewed as an improper place to go, and the career as a “cartoonist” couldn’t escape the image of being alone in a room somewhere drawing something. However, the advent of smartphones changed the way cartoons were consumed by the readers.

Webtoon, cartoon content published online, has established its position in being a dominant content and has proved profitable through its transformation into the movie industry. This recent wave brought forth news of webtoon artists making astronomical figures to transform the economics of the cartoon/animation industry.

With the increase in popularity for webtoon content, academic institutes and businesses have risen to accommodate this shift in interests.

Anibugs has expanded its business in college entrance, domestic, international study abroad, animation, and webtoons for the past 16 years. With centers all throughout South Korea, Anibugs recently launched its webtoon branch ‘Wecomics’ and branded it as ‘ab Academy’, and also opened its first ‘Wacom Academy Shop’ through its exclusive contract with the premier tablet maker.

Ab Entertainment was then established to promote the growth of these artists at a global scale. The renown actor Yoo Jitae’s involvement only sparked more interests in the up and coming entertainment company.

Renown actor Yoo Jitae’s inauguration as the Creative Director of AB dreams big

The partnership that created AB Entertainment with Yoo Jitae’s involvement states that it will be different from others in a clear and positive way. They will spearhead the issues that artists face with intellectual property 

Webtoon, as a content, is a lot more flexible regarding the financial aspect of its development and its creativity can branch out to a lot more exciting channels of entertainment. Webtoon also allows for writers and artists to combine their creativity by partnering to create a product strengthened by both sides. 

Ab Group’s Taewon Lee CEO states “With the assurance of webtoon content as a versatile source, we need to foster a balanced constructive ecosystem for it to fall back on while adjusting its force in the entertainment industry”. “AB Group will be at the forefront in allowing artists to learn and create to their fullest potential”.

AB Entertainment provides large space quality studios 
for artists to freely work on their projects.

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