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AB Entertainment(爱笔娱乐经纪) 作为一家在线漫画企划公司,主要致力于漫画作家的挖掘、培育及管理,在线漫画的自主创作及版权代理,以及相关影视作品的制作和出口事业.

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AB Entertainment (爱笔娱乐经纪)为所属的画家们提供最优的工作环境和基础设施,以期帮助画家们实现各自的漫画梦想.

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AB Entertainment (爱笔娱乐经纪) 的公示事项及最新消息

About Us

AB Entertainment(爱笔娱乐经纪) 作为一家在线漫画企划公司,主要致力于漫画作家的挖掘、培育及管理,



Our Artists

AB Entertainment (爱笔娱乐经纪)为所属的画家们提供最优的工作环境和基础设施,


Inaugural Ceremony for the actor Yoo Jitae becoming the Creative Director of AB Entertainment, October 13th

The renown actor Yoo Jitae has continuously made investments in the independent film/drama industry while putting out classics such as <Old Boy>, <One Fine Spring Day>, and contemporary hits / dramas such as <Good Wife>, <The Swindlers>.

Yoo Jitae has shown passion for this industry because of the monopolized competition that negatively impacts independent directors to be shadowed over films launched by big film companies.

Although webtoon is at its initial stages of development, it can possibly face the same consequences of unfair competition. In light of the success that <Along with the Gods> brought forth, it is inevitable to prioritize the protection and rights of artists since more webtoon content will continue to shine as a channel for secondary business.

With the foundation of keeping true to the rights of artists and their intellectual property while promoting the global popularity of webtoons, the actor Yoo Jitae and animation powerhouse Anibugs partnered up to launch ab Entertainment. This following 13th of October, there will be an inaugural ceremony for Yoo Jitae’s promotion as the Creative Director of ab Group.

Ab Entertainment will impact the entertainment industry by working with artists to produce stories that haven’t been told. This event will feature a variety of events, news, and opportunities to network with like-minded artists with a passion to succeed.

Date: October 13th, 2018, 6:30 PM

Location: AB Academy (Anibugs) Bundang Center

25-2 Elegance Building 1Dong 4th Floor, Gumi-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyunggido

AB Entertainment provides large space quality studios 
for artists to freely work on their projects.

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